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How it works?

Let more people enjoy more music.

Whether you're a musician, artist manager or label - you'll need distribution so people can buy and listen to your music digitally.
For this you need an aggregator, a company that puts your music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and the like. Aggregators usually charge a setup fee for each song along with annual subscription fees, regardless of how many sales or plays your song is getting.

That's were we are different. We distribute your songs with absolutely no setup or subscription fees. We only charge a small percentage for every actual sale and paid play and also a small monthly fee. This way you can also make money on your long forgotten tracks in your back catalogue.
Sign up with your contacts and let us know about the size of your library. We will come back to you with a tailor-made deal.

Start Today

Here's what you'll need to start distributing your music online:
  • Music you have the right to distribute
  • Your music in high quality digital format (.wav or .flac)
  • Cover art (.jpg, 1600x1600 pixels)

That's it. We take care of the rest.